We are moving to the mid-Altlantic region (it is not the south and it is not New England).

A three-hour drive takes you from Ohio to New York City to the Carolinas to past

West Virginia.



We will be almost in the middle of Washington DC and Baltimore. Sometimes this is

called the “Greenbelt” because it is heavily forested (wherever there is not a building).


Our house is here.


I will work here. It is about 5 miles from our house.



Our actual address is Columbia, but we are in an “out-parcel,” which means we are not

subject to the Columbia Home Owners’ Association rules (instead, we have a different

home owners’ association to tell us we can or can’t have permission to build a fence or

add on a deck). Julia’s high school is Howard High ( http://www.howardhighschool.net/ ).


Julia’s high school. It is about ½ mile from our house.


Columbia town center, with a mall.


Nice park with a 4-mile path around it, maybe 2 miles from our house.


Our house.


Large tract of land that

will not be developed



Our new house is what Kevin calls an “ugly Colonial.” Tammy assures him this is not

considered ugly to the locals and the blue is traditional. Whatever. All the houses look

like this to Kevin (either like this or a 60’s era rancher). Note the bush in front. It

costs $300 as a shrub and this one is well over a thousand. It is called a split-leaf

Japanese maple. The house has 3 floors, all finished. There are 4 bedrooms on the top,

Three rooms plus a kitchen and a laundry on the main floor, and three rooms plus a furnace

room/work area on the bottom. There is a walkout from the basement to the yard and

a screened-in porch off the main level. There is a two car garage. The lot is 0.33 acres.

It backs up to a creek or drainage that currently has flowing water, but may not in

the summer. The back third of the property is pretty heavily wooded.


A couple of front views




The fancy bush:




The screened-in deck coming off the family room.

There is also a bay window in the kitchen.




Several views from the porch:



Entering the house there is a hall to the family room, a stair up and a room to each side.


The hall and stairs:



The room to the left:




The room to the right:




Behind the room to the left is the family room. It joins to the kitchen area and you

go to the deck from the family room.








Well, I have some pictures of the upstairs and basement, and will show them below since I

have them, but they aren’t very interesting.