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Pictures and Events


We have been blessed to have been able to travel and to have shared many joyful activities with our extended families. Below are links to selected pictures from selected events over the past years:


Jun 2009                Joshua’s graduation from Univ. of Colorado at Boulder


Jun 2010                Butch and Tootsie Myers 50th Wedding Anniversary


                                       Times of their lives video (technical difficulties - contact Kevin for a copy)


Jun 2009                Julia’s graduation from Univ. of Washington in Seattle


Sep 2007                Robin and Ruth Moore’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

                                       Pictures and Moore

                                       Times of their lives video (technical difficulties - follow pictures link for a copy)


Jun 2006                Tamra and Kevin’s trip to China


Jun-Jul 2001           Family trip to Europe

                                      Web page we posted to until the digital camera broke

                                      Scanned photos from that trip


 Aug 2000                Moore males backpacking in the San Juans


Jun 2000                Julia and Kevin’s trip to Denmark and Poland


Aug 1997                Family trip to Minnesota Wolf Center and canoeing


July 1997                Joshua and Kevin’s trip to Seoul, Korea


July 1996                Tamra and Kevin’s trip to Greece and India


Aug 1990                Tamra and Kevin’s trip to Russia